Professional Teeth Whitening; what to expect (Remix Magazine)

Professional Teeth Whitening; what to expect (Remix Magazine)

Remix beauty editor, Kate Milliken, reviews her recent Professional Teeth Whitening experience at Brighter Smile! Read the original article here

“My teeth have never been particularly not-white, but they’re not extremely white-white either. To give you a visual, I look like someone who uses Colgate Optic White Express White 125g (not sponsored) every night, but whose coffee intake exceeds the recommended two cups per day. So, when I got the opportunity to have this remedied I jumped at the opportunity. Professional teeth whitening is always something I’ve been interested in for no better reason than; who doesn’t want to have beaut Jaws-like pearly whites? Alongside my reason for doing basically everything, why not?

I went to a clinic in Albany that had been recommended to me called Brighter Smile, and they could not have been more professional and attentive. I was booked in for the UltimateWhite in clinic treatment [with Custom Whitening Trays] which will set you back $275 and you can continue your quest for transparent teeth from the comfort of your own Goldair electric blanket (not sponsored).

When I arrived at the clinic I filled out a form as these things usually go, this was a memorably short one which is always a pleasant way to start a treatment. I then proceeded into the room where she ran me through what the next 90 minutes of my life was going to entail and then we jumped right into it. The treatment isn’t particularly painful, without being particularly comfortable either. Having your lips spread for a prolonged period is never enjoyable, but she did all she could to make sure it wasn’t god-awful either, and she succeeded. The technician will apply gel to your teeth and then put you in front of a blue light from three twenty-minute intervals, returning between each to reapply aforementioned gel. Toward the end I definitely felt some gum sensitivity, but nothing unbearable. 90 minutes sitting in a chair is pretty boring – so make sure you’ve got some data to watch Netflix!

I could definitely see the results straight away, the yellow staining around my gums has gone and my teeth are noticeably whiter!

I will not tell you that whitening your teeth will change your life, but the confidence that comes from appearance enhancement of any kind shouldn’t be undermined either. Just like all the luxuries on offer to us in life, this is a temporary indulgence that may help you to smile with confidence – so why not! I love my results and would not hesitate to have it done again!

My before and after photos don’t really do it justice, but check out the results from similar treatments here!”



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