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Types of Teeth Whitening

PROFESSIONAL TEETH WHITENING There are different types of professional teeth whitening options available only at a trained practice such as Brighter Smile or your local dentist. Depending on your circumstances, expectations, and goals, one of our teeth whitening technicians can advise you on the best-suited options for you. Professional Teeth Whitening options can include custom-made […]...

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Professional Teeth Whitening; what to expect (Remix Magazine)

Remix beauty editor, Kate Milliken, reviews her recent Professional Teeth Whitening experience at Brighter Smile! Read the original article here “My teeth have never been particularly not-white, but they’re not extremely white-white either. To give you a visual, I look like someone who uses Colgate Optic White Express White 125g (not sponsored) every night, but […]...

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In Clinic Teeth Whitening or Home Teeth Whitening?

We all understand that every now and then, everyone needs a little help to look their best. Your teeth are no exception — they don’t often stay near as white as you may want them to be no matter how well you look after them. But with some handy assistance from Brighter Smile, you can […]...

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Good Teeth Considered to be the Most Attractive Trait

Match.com survey ranks White Teeth as the most attractive physical trait. It’s the million-dollar question; what is it that makes a person truly attractive? Is it their hair, the way they dress, or maybe even their brains? According to a survey conducted by dating website Match.com, the answer is stupidly simple; straight, white teeth. The […]...

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