How does your products & treatments compare to the service offered by my dentist?

We offer the exact same, custom-fitted teeth whitening trays as most cosmetic dentists. In fact, we provide teeth whitening services to many clinics who do not have the lab (or the space) to create trays in-house. Our trays and professional strength teeth whitening gel exceed general standards.

By eliminating the dentist and allowing customers to purchase direct, we are able to deliver significantly faster and at heavily reduced price. Our in-clinic professional treatments use the same award-winning whitening technology used by thousands of dentists worldwide. Brighter Smile uses a specially developed 36% Cabamide Peroxide & 12% Hydrogen Peroxide low sensitivity carbamide peroxide whitening gel, most dentists use up to 35% hydrogen peroixide which can cause extreme sensitivity. The average dentist charges $600+ for in-clinic teeth whitening or custom made whitening trays.



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