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Gum irritation (turning white or burning sensation).

Gum irritation during in-clinic teeth whitening treatments is rare as the whitening gel is applied by our whitening technicians directly onto your teeth, on occasions minor irritation can still happen but is not serious. During the treatment, it is important to swallow frequently and avoid moving your tongue near your teeth. Following the treatment, if there is any gum irritation our practitioners will provide you with some gel to apply to quickly ease irritation.

Gum irritation can also happen occasionally when using home whitening trays. Fortunately, If you happen to have gum irritation there are ways to address this. We recommend taking a break from teeth whitening for a few days to allow your gums to recover. You can swish with warm salt water to ease the discomfort. The key to avoiding gum irritation is to avoid the whitening gel from having prolonged contact with your gums.

Make sure you are not putting too much gel into the tray. You only need a thin string of gel along the front, inner surface of the tray to get results. Too much gel will ooz out and sit on the gums.
Remove any excess gel that has spread onto your gums with a cotton swab or your finger + a tissue.
If irritation persists, rub Vaseline on your gums prior to inserting your trays. The Vaseline will act as a barrier so that less whitening gel is able to come into contact with your gums and irritate them.



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