What causes tooth sensitivity? - Brighter Smile Teeth Whitening Auckland NZ

What causes tooth sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is caused when the inner nerves of a tooth are exposed to changes in temperature (most often cold). It is estimated that up to 60% of people suffer from tooth sensitivity as a result of diet, aggressive brushing, or cracked/broken teeth. In the case of whitening, the active ingredient in whitening gel opens up the pores to lift stains. In the process, the teeth become slightly dehydrated. This dehydration temporarily reduces insulation and allow the nerve to be more susceptible to changes in temperature.

Don’t Worry, tooth sensitivity due to teeth whitening is temporary! Your teeth naturally rehydrate and remineralize shortly afterwards and the sensitivity does not usually last more than 24 hours. For hypersensitive teeth, we highly recommend using desensitizing gel after each whitening session. It relieves discomfort and helps protect/nourish the teeth as they rehydrate.



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