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In Clinic Teeth Whitening or Home Teeth Whitening?

We all understand that every now and then, everyone needs a little help to look their best. Your teeth are no exception — they don’t often stay near as white as you may want them to be no matter how well you look after them. But with some handy assistance from Brighter Smile, you can have the white teeth smile you’ve always wanted (and keep them that way!).

Interest in teeth whitening has boomed in recent years – with teeth whitening treatments becoming one of the most popular cosmetic treatments on the market! Brighter Smile has completed over 10,000 in-clinic teeth whitening treatments in Auckland in the last 5 years.\. With Brighter Smile in-clinic teeth whitening, customers can expect to see visibly whiter teeth after just one treatment. Take home teeth whitening treatments such as Brighter Smile custom fitted teeth whitening trays are perfect for those wanting to do the whitening process from the comfort of their own home, or for those who want to continue the whitening process after an in-clinic treatment.

Don’t confuse these treatments with over the counter products or gimmicky online LED teeth whitening products, which are often ineffective and potentially dangerous to teeth and gums. Brighter Smile offers professional in clinic treatments performed by qualified technicians and premium take-home teeth whitening products which all meet NZ regulations.

We manufacture our own range of Brighter Smile teeth whitening products and gels and we also partner with suppliers of other leading products including Beyond International,LumoSmile and Dental Store.



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